Vinyl Play sheet 158 cm x 227 cm

Just throw it over your bed or floor and get DIRTY! No worrying about making a mess with this perfect playsheet. Perfect size and great price, this sheet is made of quite a heavy grade shiny vinyl, making it very durable, but also look great. Great for under a sling, to cover a rug or even on your bed for a good time. You can use any lube, oil or liquid with this sheet and you can use it over and over again.

Vinyl Playsheet is made of a heavy grade shiny vinyl so it’s very durable and resilient to almost any liquid. You can use lubes with oil and grease, like Crisco, or silicone or water-based lubes and it will take it all. Ideal to lay down before a sloppy session, like fisting, watersports or more. You can put it on the floor under your sling, or over your sofa or bed too. Basically, it’s perfect for protecting your rugs and floors from the mess you want to make when having fun.

You don’t have to wash your bedsheet over and over again when you lay this vinyl playsheet over them. Make having dirty fun easy with a simple cleanup. Just wipe it with soapy water and wipe to dry and you can re-use this sheet over and over again.

Dimensions = 158 cm (62 inches) x 227 cm (89 inches)

Vinyl Play sheet.