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The Mister B Travel Sling is the perfect way to get that sling action when you can’t carry a sling with you. It’s easy to pack up for your holiday or even just a weekend getaway as it fits in any small backpack or travel bag. Just slide your legs through the loops, rest your neck in the padded support and you’re ready for action. Your legs can rest comfortably in the air while your ass takes a serious beating.

The Mister B Travel Sling is padding behind the neck support so you can stay in that position for a while and not get sore. The thigh supports have padding as well, so your legs can be very comfortable as you are getting your ass pounded for a while. The straps are adjustable so no matter what your height, or flexibility, your legs can be comfortable as if you were in a full-sized sling.

This is perfect for anyone into fisting as it allows you to relax while keeping your legs up and ass open. Great for travel, but also amazing to add to your home collection of toys and supplies! You will cherish this item for years to come.

It’s made with top quality leather so it will last you a very long time, or at least a large number of sesssions


Leather Travel Sling

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