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"A new batch of the popular Dark Crystal series of dildos and butt plugs is now available, exclusively at Mister B! Made of velvety soft phthalate-free vinyl in Belgium, these toys are safe to use with any lubricant, water based, silicone based or oil based. Mathieu, Alex and Robert are the medium, large and extra-large versions of the same classic but oh so good butt plug shaped design. Once you’ve passed the thickest part, your sphincter muscle will keep these butt plugs firmly in place inside you. Available in two different colours: shiny black and in clear transparent crystal. Note that the crystal clear ones will discolour over time, a process which can be slowed down by storage in the dark. Sizes: Mathieu (medium): Height 14.5 cm, Diameter 56 mm Alex (large): Height 20 cm, Diameter 73 mm Robert (extra-large): Height 25 cm, Diameter 95 mm "

Dark Crystal Clear Butt Plug

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